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Free Consultation 

Your first visit is no charge. It is an opportunity to ask questions, learn about me and my practice, and to see if my practice is the Home Birth support you are looking for.

Phone & Email Support 

I am available by phone (call & text) and email during office hours (9am-5pm). Available after office hours by phone in case of pregnancy related medical concerns and emergency.

What Services are Offered:

  •  Prenatal visits, including 36 week Home Visit

  •  Birth classes for First time parents

  •  Care and monitoring during labor & birth for you and your baby

  •  Newborn exam

  •  Breastfeeding support

  •  A postpartum home visit within 24-48 Hr. after the birth

  •  Newborn Metabolic and Hearing Screening (if desired)

  •  Postpartum office visits at two and six weeks (more if necessary)

  •  Filing of: Birth Certificate and Social Security #

  • ....additional services offered

All services discussed in detail at first consultation

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